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Online Nurse Educator Certificate

College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Carrie Keib, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Program Director

T. Jody Hostetler, DNP, MEd, RN

Nurse Educator Certificate Program

This certificate prepares students for the roles and responsibilities of nurse educators in any setting that provides healthcare. Course content will provide the scope of practice for nurse educators specific to the academic environment that includes alignment of academic philosophy and mission, policies, quality improvement, curriculum development and implementation, learning theories, evidence-based teaching/learning strategies and assessments to meet learner outcomes. A 48-hour practicum/project with a highly qualified nursing education faculty member is included in the Nurse Educator Certificate Program.

Admission Requirements

Current valid RN license.  Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree or Master of Science in Nursing Degree, or Doctoral Degree in Nursing with a minimum 3.0 GPA

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted online at

  1. Completed Ashland University Application

  2. Submit a $30 application fee

  3. Submit official academic transcript(s) from accredited institutions of higher education documenting all undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded.

  4. Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above

  5. Submit a copy of active RN Licensure

Ashland University

Attn: Enrollment Services

401 College Avenue

Ashland, OH 44805

Official Electronic transcripts should be submitted to:

For further information, contact a Graduate Admission Representative at 419.521.6849 or 419.289.5738 or email:

Degree Completion Timelines

The student must complete all requirements for the Nurse Educator Certificate program within four years. The time limit normally is from the beginning date of the formal admission to the last hours applied toward the program. Special consideration will be given for leaves of absence for adequate cause. The student who fails to take courses or otherwise continue to pursue the program for a period of three consecutive semesters will be terminated from the program’s active file and will be required to reapply for reactivation of his or her records. There is no loss of credit, though the four-year limit will be observed.

Course Number and Title



NUR 530 Nurse Educator Role



NUR 531 Nursing Curriculum Development and Design


NUR 530 or concurrent

NUR 532 Facilitating the Teaching and Learning Process


NUR 530 or concurrent

NUR 533 Principles and Practices of Assessment and Evaluation


NUR 532 or concurrent

(48-hour Practicum/Project with highly qualified faculty member)


Total Hours

12 hrs.


Nurse Educator Certificate Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Nurse Educator Certificate program, the student will be able to:

  1. Exhibit professional, ethical behaviors in the multidimensional role of Nurse Educator.

  2. Facilitate learning using teaching strategies grounded in educational theory and evidenced-based teaching practices based upon the unique learning needs of all learners.

  3. Engage learners, faculty colleagues, and clinical agency stakeholders in promoting safe, positive learning environments.

  4. Implement a variety of evidence-based assessment and evaluation strategies to enhance the teaching-learning process.

  5. Collaborate with colleagues to revise or create curriculum based on research, health care trends, learner needs, and program outcomes.

  6. Provide leadership for organizational change in the various learning environments of the academic or practice community.

  7. Participate in continuous quality improvement measures in teaching and learning.

  8. Disseminate nursing and teaching knowledge to a wide-range of audiences through a variety of venues.

  9. Advocate for nursing, nursing education, and learners through political and institutional learning environments.

Courses and Descriptions

See NUR Courses

* CONHS program student handbooks with additional policies pertaining to the program may be accessed as a Catalog addendum.