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Actuarial Science Certificate

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Program Description

This program is designed for people who have completed or almost completed a bachelor's degree, typically with at least a minor in mathematics from an accredited institution, and who would like to complete courses to prepare them for the actuarial profession. The curriculum allows students to complete the Society of Actuaries' and Casualty Actuarial Society's Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements and prepares students for the professional actuarial exams in probability (Exam P) and financial mathematics (Exam FM).

Admission Requirements

Applicants must complete or have a plan to complete the following prerequisite courses to be admitted into the Actuarial Science Certificate Program:

  • Math 108: Introductory Statistics or Math 318: Mathematical Statistics or equivalent (if not planning to complete the Probability Sequence)

  • Math 205: Calculus I or equivalent

  • Math 206: Calculus II or equivalent

  • Math 223: Discrete Mathematics I or equivalent

  • Math 250: Mathematical Proof or equivalent (if planning to complete the Probability Sequence)

  • Math 305: Calculus III or equivalent




MATH 320 Financial Mathematics


MATH 223, 305

MATH 341 Applied Regression Analysis


MATH 108 or 318

ACCT 201 Financial Accounting



Choose 2 of the following 3 sequences of courses


Probability Sequence:

MATH 317 Probability


MATH 223, 250; 202 or 206

MATH 318 Mathematical Statistics


MATH 250, 305, 317

Economics Sequence:

ECON 232 Principles of Microeconomics



ECON 233 Principles of Macroeconomics



Finance Sequence:

FIN 228 Financial Management


ACCT 201

FIN 329 Intermediate Financial Management


FIN 228



Courses and Descriptions

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