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Online School Nurse Certificate Program

College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Carrie Keib, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Program Director

Jennifer Boles, MSN, RN, LSN, NCSN

School Nurse Certificate Program (SNC)

The completion of the program requirements meets the ODE requirement for the Professional Pupil Services License as a School Nurse. Following successful approval by ODE, the student may then attain the title of School Nurse (LSN).

The School Nurse Certificate was developed in alignment with the Ashland University mission, the purpose of the Ashland University Graduate School, the Ohio Department of Higher Education standards for school nurse preparation, and the National Association of School Nurse Standards of Practice.

Admission to the program is on a rolling basis. Students may apply and begin coursework during any semester. The flexible curriculum allows for students to complete the program on his/her own time schedule. Most students complete the program in 6-18 months (2-5 semesters). A curriculum guide will be completed for each student based upon the needs and timeframe that best fits the student’s schedule.

Admission Requirements

A registered nurse (RN) holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale may be accepted for admission to the School Nursing Program.

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted online at

  1. Completed Ashland University Application

  2. Submit a $30 application fee

  3. Submit official academic transcript(s) from accredited institutions of higher education documenting all undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded.

  4. Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above

  5. Submit a copy of active RN Licensure

Ashland University

Attn: Enrollment Services

401 College Avenue

Ashland, OH 44805

Official Electronic transcripts should be submitted to:

For further information, contact a Graduate Admission Representative at 419.521.6849 or 419.289.5738 or email:

Program Completion Timelines

The student must complete all requirements for the School Nurse Certificate Program (SNC) within five years. The time limit normally is from the beginning date of the formal admission to the SNC to the last hour applied toward the program.

Special consideration will be given for leaves of absence for adequate cause. The student who fails to take courses or otherwise continue to pursue the program for a period of three consecutive semesters will be terminated from the program’s active file and will be required to reapply for readmission. Upon readmission, there is no loss of credit, though the five-year limit will be observed. The School Nursing Program Director will reevaluate the student’s courses and recommend any course work for audit.

Course Number and Title



SNP 518 Health Determinants and Academic Indicators


SNP 525 or concurrent

SNP 520 Educational Strategies for Healthcare Providers



SNP 525 Health Care of the School Community



SNP 528 Interprofessional Collaboration: The School Nurse and School Support Services


SNP 525

SNP 680 School Nurse Internship


SNP 518, 520, 525, 528, minimum GPA of 3.0, Bachelor's prepared RN and instructor approval, provided currently passing SNP 518 or SNP 528

Total Hours

13-16 Hrs.


*Students may select variable credit to meet student needs.

**If a student passes the National Board for Certificate of School Nurse Exam, they will received advanced standing credit for SNP 525 at 3 credit hours.

* **The amount of Internship credit required is determined by verification of the type of previous experience as a nurse in a school setting.

School Nurse Certificate Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the SNC program, the student will be able to:

  1. Utilize the nursing process to deliver age appropriate and culturally competent care in the school setting.

  2. Demonstrate safe nursing practices in communication and information management.

  3. Utilize professional behavior skills to provide leadership in the practice of school nursing.

  4. Integrate evidence and research nursing to contribute to quality school nursing practice.

  5. Evaluate his/her own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines of School Nursing.

  6. Promote a healthy, safe, collaborative practice environment.

School Nurse as Cognate Area for M.Ed. Adult Education Degree Completion

The School Nurse Certificate program represents one of the options for completion of the 15 credit hour cognate areas. The cognate is an individualized specialty area of study encompassing the student’s interests and needs. All students are required to complete a cognate area of study consisting of a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours towards the thirty (30) credit hours required for degree completion. 

See M.Ed. Adult Education (ME.MED.ADED) description for more information.

Courses and Descriptions

See SNP Courses