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Languages and Literatures

Department of Languages and Literatures

The College of Arts and Sciences


Hilary Donatini, Professor of English

Assistant Chair

Richard Gray, Professor of Foreign Languages


Russell Weaver, Professor of English

Maura Grady, Associate Professor of English, Director of Composition

Sharleen Mondal, Associate Professor of English

Jayne Waterman, Associate Professor of English

Charles Carlise, Assistant Professor of English

Diana Cortés-Evans, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages

Kelly Sundberg, Assistant Professor of English

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science in Education

Mission Statement for the English Area of The Department of Languages and Literatures

The English Area of The Department of Languages and Literatures prepares students to read and think carefully as well as to write clearly, logically, and creatively. It values intellectual rigor and contextual understanding. In the spirit of the Ashland University Mission Statement, our programs prepare students to “work, serve, and lead with integrity in their local, national, and global communities.” Our programs achieve this goal by broadening and deepening the minds of its students through reading and critical exploration of texts. Students respond to these texts through analytical and creative writing with academic and professional applications.

Student Learning Outcomes

The English, Creative Writing, or Integrated Language Arts major should be able to read well, write clearly, and demonstrate an understanding of the complexity and range of literature. Specifically, students should be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Analyze texts through close reading, using conventions of analysis appropriate to different genres and periods.

  2. Evaluate literary works with regard to social power and in relation to historical or critical contexts.

  3. Edit critical and expository prose according to the conventions of standard academic English, including appropriate citation format.

Student Honor Society

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who achieve at least a

3.00 GPA in their English courses may apply to join Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society.

Statement on Foreign Language

All students majoring in Creative Writing, English, or Integrated Language Arts are encouraged to study a foreign language as part of the Critical Cultural Inquiry requirement.

English Courses and Descriptions

See Course Description section of catalog.

Mission Statement for the Foreign Languages Area of The Department of Languages and Literatures

The Foreign Languages Area of the Department of Languages and Literatures provides educational opportunities that nurture the development of proficiency in a foreign language and knowledge of other cultures. All foreign language courses are taught in the target language, in context, and make use of authentic materials.

The learning experience is enhanced by the use of state-of- the-art technology, meaningful learning activities and assessment within a challenging, comprehensive, and balanced curriculum of language, civilization, and literature.

Student Learning Outcomes

For students meeting the CCI requirement:

Students must demonstrate measurably to the point where critical inquiry can be engaged. Students will:

  1. Apply cultural knowledge through interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication that cross linguistic and national boundaries.

  2. Analyze the contests and manifestations of cultural expression.

Facilities and Equipment

Language classrooms are equipped with media stations that link the classroom to the University computing network.

Student Honor Society

Phi Sigma Iota, Gamma Tau chapter (International Foreign Language Honor Society), honors students who pursue a major or minor in foreign languages or an interdisciplinary major or minor which includes foreign languages as an essential component. Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership who have completed one 300-level course at AU, have an overall GPA of at least 3.3, and a GPA of at least 3.3 in their foreign language courses. Membership is by invitation.

Foreign Language Placement

Foreign language placement is based on four factors: 1) years of previous study of the foreign language; 2) ACT score; 3) high school GPA; and 4) a placement test. In order to enroll for a foreign language course at the 100 or 200 level, the student must first receive placement. The online placement tool may be found on the Foreign Languages area web page.

Description of Majors


The primary reason to major in English or one of its related programs is the pure love of language and literature itself--a pathway through the beauty, emotion, and universal themes that link writers as diverse as William Shakespeare, John Milton, Emily Dickinson, and Toni Morrison. Majors also learn to think deeply and write carefully about a rich array of texts and topics–skills that prove useful to many occupations. Employers recognize in English majors the ability to analyze problems, sift through evidence, and speak and write coherently. That experience prepares majors for a variety of careers in the arts, education, business, or communications. Graduates of English programs are prepared to learn for a lifetime because careful reading, deep thinking, and effective communication never become obsolete.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing major emphasizes the development of creative writing from a grounding in craft and from a study of literary genres and historical periods of literature. The course work features writing workshops and culminates with a senior-level capstone course in which students work toward a polished series of stories or essays, longer narrative, or chapbook of poems.

Integrated Language Arts Education

The Integrated Language Arts major, with a strong foundation in both content and education courses, prepares students for licensure to teach grades 7 through 12. See the Education section of the catalog for requirements beyond course work.

Degree Requirements

Assessment – All English, Creative Writing, and Integrated Language Arts majors are required to participate annually in the department's portfolio assessment process.

Foreign Language (FL) Courses and Descriptions

French (FREN) Courses and Descriptions

German (GER) Courses and Descriptions

Spanish (SPAN) Courses and Descriptions

Latin (LTN) Courses and Descriptions

Portuguese (PORT) Courses and Descriptions