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Criminal Justice Administration Graduate Certificate Program

Department of Criminal Justice

The College of Arts and Sciences


Katherine T. Brown, College of Arts and Science

Program Director

Anne Strouth, Professional Instructor of Criminal Justice

Continue Your Education with a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration 100% Online from Ashland University

The online Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration is designed to make you a more competitive applicant for careers and advancement within the vast field of criminal justice. 

Program Description:

The Criminal Justice Administration Certificate focuses on leadership and decision-making as it relates to the agencies within the criminal justice fields, as well as program and policy development skills required of contemporary criminal justice administrators. The certificate is a five-course program that provides both current and prospective criminal justice professionals with the administrative and management preparation to advance their careers into administrative roles. The certificate is also designed for professionals who are contemplating a career change to the criminal justice sector and who need the skills and knowledge to make a successful transition.

Certificate Program Student Learning Outcomes:

SLO1: Critically examine the enduring problems in criminal justice, and identify and analyze interventions aimed at improving and achieving criminal justice goals.

SLO2: Demonstrate awareness of public policy issues as they relate to the development, implementation, and evaluation of criminal justice policies.

SLO3: Evaluate policies and social processes based in theoretical arguments.

Application Requirements:

You don’t need a background in criminal justice to enroll in this certificate program. However, this program is ideal for those who have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related field. Related fields such as sociology, leadership, public administration, homeland security and criminology will benefit from this certificate. 

How to Apply:

The following materials must be submitted to finalize the application process:

  1. Completed Ashland University Application.

  2. Submit a $30 application fee.

  3. Submit official academic transcript(s) from accredited institutions of higher education documenting all undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded.

Transcripts, application fees paid by check or money order, or other correspondence should be mailed to:

Ashland University

Attn: Enrollment Services

401 College Avenue

Ashland, OH 44805

Official Electronic transcripts should be submitted to:

course number and title



CJ 510 Constitutional & Legal Issues in Criminal Justice



CJ 520 Seminar in Criminology



CJ 530 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice



CJ 540 Ethics & Justice



CJ 560 Criminal Justice Policy


CJ 510, 520, 530, 540

Total Hours

15 Hrs.

This is designed to be a one year certificate program.

Courses and Descriptions

See CJ Courses