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Master of Business Administration

Foundations Program

Applicants holding non-business baccalaureate degrees may be required to complete MBA Foundations course work. The MBA Foundations Program offers accelerated, intensified learning of basic business concepts.

The MBA Foundation courses include accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. Students earn graduate credit for each MBA Foundation course. However, this credit does not apply toward the 30 semester hours of credit necessary to earn the MBA degree. Performance in these courses is evaluated by a letter grade, and all students enrolled in MBA Foundation courses must meet the academic standards of the MBA program (see “Academic Probation/Dismissal” section of catalog).

MBA Foundation courses may be taken concurrently with MBA core courses as long as the core prerequisites are met. However, students considering this option must obtain approval from the program director. Students taking six hours per semester are considered full-time students. Those taking less than six hours per semester are considered part time.

MBA Foundation courses are offered in many formats and modalities. MBA Foundation courses can be taken fully online, in the face-to-face classroom, a virtual (synchronous online), or hybrid format.

MBA Curriculum

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours above the MBAF 500 level to meet their curriculum requirements. Five required courses (15 credit hours) make up the Master of Business Administration core, or "Phase II" of the program. These courses are also available in both face-to-face and online formats. A minimum of 12 additional credit hours must be comprised of elective courses, including special topics/specialization courses, or an independent research project. Complete information and guidelines for these options are found under “Phase III” and “Independent Research Project Option” below. A "Phase IV" capstone course (MBA 517) is also required. Most of our special topics/specialization courses are also available online allowing for a fully online program, if desired.

Master of Business Administration Foundation Courses Phase I (0-12 Hours)

Applicants holding non-business baccalaureate degrees may be required to complete one or more MBA Foundation courses in order to meet admission requirements.

Course Number and Title

MBAF 500B Accounting

MBAF 500C Economics

MBAF 500E Marketing

MBAF 500F Finance

Master of Business Administration Core Courses

Phase II: Business Core (15 Hours)

All students must complete MBA 501, MBA 503, MBA 505, MBA 507, and MBA 511. These requirements ensure that all students possess an understanding of the business functional areas.

Course Number and Title

MBA 501 Org, Design, Dev & Change Management

MBA 503 Operations Management

MBA 505 Financial Management

MBA 507 Marketing Management

MBA 511 Managerial Accounting

Master of Business Administration Elective Courses

Phase III: Electives with Optional Specializations (12 Hours)

In addition to the broad coverage provided by the courses in the core, students may select from a wide range of elective offerings. Each student must choose a minimum of 12 hours of elective courses. Elective offerings include MBA special topics courses, Specialization courses, and an Independent Research Project. Electives may be taken in any order, once prerequisites have been satisfied.

Course Number and Title

MBA 502 Managerial Economics

MBA 504 Business Statistics

MBA 506 Business & Society

MBA 509 International Business Management

MBA 510 Organizational Behavior

MBA 513 Management Information Systems

MBA 514 Special Topics in Business

MBA 516 MBA Seminars

MBA 530-599 Specialization Courses

Master of Business Administration Capstone Courses

Phase IV: Required Capstone (3 Hours)

MBA 517 Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis

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